The screen printing series for the decoration of mud flaps

Mud flaps are accessories used widely in all types of vehicles in order to maintain them clean and to protect finish from corrosion.

Available in various styles, they are typically made from flexible material, such as rubber, not easily damaged by contact with flying debris.

Mud flaps have also emerged as a popular means of self-expression by various automotive companies: along with many other after-market vehicle accessories, automotive stores supply a wide range of mud flaps featuring custom name and contact information.

For such applications, Sericom Italia proposes the SO screen printing series.

The ink has a satin finish, velvet appearance and a good printability.

Quick drying and with good elasticity SO ink series also has good solidity to alcohol.

Taking in account the different mixture of the rubber material used to produce mud flaps, preventive tests before printing are suggested.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.