Screen printing
pad printing and
digital inks

Screen printing
pad printing and
digital inks

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About us


Research & Development, production and distribution of industrial inks for screen, pad and digital printing.

Sericom Italia was established in 1982 in Bologna and since its foundation it was clear that with its high-quality products, Sericom Italia would have become a great reliable partner to meet the specific requirements of every single customer. 

In 1996 the company was completely renovated and nowadays we provide a wide range of services including the study of your first inquiry, the study of the chemical composition, our production and the final tests performed in our laboratory.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with the industry regulations and certifications, ensuring human health protection and environmental safety.

Our products

Screen printing, Pad printing and Digital inks

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Research, Innovation and Quality

Sericom-Quality is a specific attention to the product: all our processes begin with a research of high-quality raw materials and the use of modern technologies. Once we have completed our production cycle, qualified technicians perform quality controls according to certified protocols.  

We offer a dedicated service, Sericom Service.

Your application, our ink

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SERICOM Innovative Colors

We paint
your dreams

The raw material selection and the fulfillment of the right chemical composition in all our products is the key of our job: you can print our ink on all the surfaces with great results in terms of quality and durability.

                …and when we get the final composition of your colour, your dream comes true.

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